The Wagner family came to Tyler in 1961 when George R. Wagner took over Talty Cadillac ultimately starting a legacy of top notch customer satisfaction and an undoubtfully strong sense of individual care for each person that bought a vehicle from him. George R. Wagner was not a shy person when it came to his admiration and care for each employee that worked with him to make Wagner Cadillac synonyms with customer satisfaction amongst the growing population of Tyler. George R. Wagner always reminded his employees that he would not have been where he was without their hard work and trust in his decisions.

After many years of serving the Tyler area from their downtown location, Wagner Cadillac moved South to an area what would become the heart of the busiest commercial area of Tyler. With this relocation came another move, an internal one for George R. Wagner’s son George Wagner. Lee, as many called him, took on a stronger role in the company that came along with his new Vice President title. He was able to obtain a stronger grasp of how the front office worked to keep the “well-oiled machine” running smooth. As the 70’s and 80’s passed with consistent growth a new addition would be made to the generational connections within the company.

The summer of 1995 started a third-generation addition to the company in the way of George R. Wagner’s grandson, Clayton M. Wagner. From an early age Clayton Wagner felt drawn to Wagner Cadillac in a way that he knew was what he wanted to do as a career. Clayton Wagner loved every kind of vehicle and being around them every day allowed his love to grow stronger than he could have imagined. For the next fifteen years Clayton Wagner would move up through the multiple departments of Wagner Cadillac to eventually move into a manager’s position where he was taught the multiple facets of how a dealership runs.

After the family business was sold, Clayton Wagner was able to stay in the automotive industry for another year before moving into the oil and gas industry, which allowed him the opportunity to travel and see parts of the Southwest area of the country that he would not have otherwise. The only downfall with the oil and gas industry was the inability to be home for any extended time which eventually led to Clayton Wagner settling back in Tyler and seeking a possibility to make a great city just a little bit greater.

During Clayton Wagner’s time in the oil and gas industry he bought a few cars and noticed how exhausting the whole process was to eventually drive away feeling like he still could have gotten a better deal. This feeling stayed with him through the years and eventually it became the basis of his next venture. Clayton Wagner felt that spending 3 – 6 hours in a traditional dealership was beyond insanity and he felt there had to be a better way to shop for a vehicle. After researching all aspects of the automotive industry he decided to bring the concept of auto brokering and an indoor lot to Tyler. With these fairly new ideas in Tyler Clayton Wagner feels that every client will not only enjoy the process but will feel that he or she drove away in the vehicle they wanted at a great price!

Wagner Autogroup is designed to provide individual care to each client that translates into us finding the right vehicle for you while still keeping the cost down. Come stop by today and let the Wagner Autogroup team show you a better way to shop for your next vehicle!