Do you need help buying a new car? Wagner Autogroup, LLC's client advisors will help you with your next car purchase every step of the way! As professional auto brokers, we’ll help you get the best deal on your new vehicle. Call Wagner Autogroup today for car buying assistance.

Our client advisors provide you with the options you need.

Our client advisors provide you with the options you need.

You could go the traditional route and talk with a salesman at a local dealership, but you might end up paying too much for your car or you may end up in the wrong vehicle altogether. Our client advisors are familiar with typical sales tactics and their jobs are to make sure you're in the right car for your needs at your budget.

3 more reasons to choose an auto broker

Buying a car is an emotional experience. Without an auto broker, you could easily end up frustrated and tired before you even get to test drive the vehicle! Wagner Autogroup will help you avoid the pitfalls many car buyers make. Here are a few ways we make that a reality:

We’ll sit down to discuss what type of car you want for your family.

You’ll spend less time at the dealership and avoid time-wasting sales tactics.

Let’s find the perfect vehicle for your needs. We work with drivers in any city or state. When you’re ready to buy a new car, call Wagner Autogroup’s vehicle brokers in Tyler, Texas.